Yeah. 030 My first exam is history, and then on Tuesday I have math. uvu 

Im gonna start studying tomorrow hopefully, and Im gonna do some work on my creative piece thing for yoga, too. :o Im still kinda feeling intimidated and a little overwhelmed by everything Ive gotta do between now and Tuesday, but after my exams and everything is done thingsll hopefully be a little easier, so thatll be good! ;u; 

I think Im probably definitely gonna have to drop precal, though, because when I talked to my teacher about it he said its gonna be at a faster pace than math 11 was, and the pace math 11 was at was one of the things that made it overwhelming for me sometimes. D: 

Today was really non-productive in the end though, all I really did was put some clothes away, because I couldnt focus on anything else since I didnt have any of my ADHD medication left to take, ehhh. ;o; Ive got a months worth now though, so Im definitely good until my next appointment in February, so thats good at least! uvu

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already almost nine PM, and Im tired, so I think Im gonna get off for tonight. ^^;

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D Ill try to get more written here then! ^-^

Good night guys! :3